San Isidro

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On May, Madrid holds the Feast of Saint Isidore the Farmer, the patron saint of the city and of farmers at large.

Saint Isidore is said to have worked over a hundred miracles. His steps can be traced across part of the city in one of our guided tours.

His contemporaries claimed that Saint Isidore had a special talent for finding fresh water. In fact, the feast in his honour focuses on water. The festival takes place in Pradera de San Isidro Park and the adjacent streets, where chulapas and chulapos (people dressed in traditional Madrid costumes) drink ‘the saint’s water’ pouring from a spring next to the Shrine of San Isidro.

Weather permitting, people eat doughnuts and drink lemonade at Pradera de San Isidro. In Madrid, lemonade is made with wine, lemon, sugar and diced fruit (usually apple). Doughnuts can be tontas (with egg), listas (with egg and powdered sugar glaze), Santa Clara (with a layer of white meringue) or French (with almonds).


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