electronic music in madrid

Come the end of the week, one can dance to the music pumped out by loudspeakers from dusk till dawn. From Thursday evening to the wee hours of Monday morning there is always some place open for lovers of electronic music: house, techno, dance, trip hop, acid jazz etc. Music, lights, images, go-go dancers and a strong desire to have fun dancing are the main components of this electronic cocktail, which offers an energetic alternative to those who want the night to be eternal.

Macumba, an enormous venue

1,600 square metres of floor space, 60,000 watts of lighting and 42,000 watts of sound equipment, 61 state-of-the-art robots, seven mechanical lighting systems, five smoke machines, and all of this in one venue: Macumba situated in Chamartín train station.

Regarded by many as one of the best venues in Spain and classified as number three in Europe for its installations, Macumba holds two predominantly electronic sessions each week: Sunflowers and Space of Sound (as well as some lighter sessions for under-age teenagers, and special parties).

At Sunflowers, every Saturday (midnight to 6am), the commercial house music of René Sandoval, Javier González and Fernando Iglesias draws a highly varied crowd to one of the most popular clubs in Madrid, where entertainment is also provided by go-go dancers, video jockeys and light jockeys.

Macumba's doors reopen at 4pm on Sundays for the serious clubber who doesn't want the party to end. Space of Sound fills Sunday afternoons with house music from the more underground end of the spectrum: sound, pictures and entertainment for a high-fashion audience that wants to see the weekend off properly.

Sala Arena and Sala Pirandello

Another of the most happening music venues is Arena, which offers a lighter dance and progressive menu for younger audiences on Friday and Saturday afternoons. Its night-time DU:OM sessions attract an audience whose members have one thing in common: their love of happy house.

The party starts on Thursday night at Sala Pirandello and continues right through to Sunday evening. This venue is perhaps one of the most avant-garde clubs in Madrid, and sessions there include Club Low featuring electroclass on Fridays and Saturdays, and Dba on Thursdays for trend-setting clubbers.

Maxime, a designer venue

Maxime is located right in the centre of Madrid and boasts a highly individual décor created by interior designer Miguel Ángel Caridad. Old stone pillars combine with decorative details such as sofas, lamps and vases in a wide-open space that offers a decidedly cosmopolitan atmosphere, ideal for both dancing and enjoying a quiet chat.

From Thursday to Sunday, the club offers a wide variety of techno and house, which ranges from the experimental music of Thursday nights, aimed at more alternative audiences in tune with the latest trends, to the percussive house music of the club's Sunday sessions. More mainstream sounds are on offer on Fridays, while the Saturday night session is dedicated to deep, tribal and dark house styles.

Two classics: Chango and Ya´sta

Every day of the week, Chango transforms itself. On Thursdays, Nature brings us breaks and techno music, in a session for those who want to dance the night away. Payback on Fridays and Divino on Saturdays are more commercial sessions playing hip hop and funky.

Ya´sta is one of the oldest clubs in the capital. Its history goes back to the legendary years of the Movida Madrileña; over time it has evolved into a more electronic style of music. On Fridays, techno floods the dance floor during the session Electrogothic Club, and on Saturdays it becomes more transcendental thanks to Nebula Club, psychedelic trance.

Sunflowers Sunflowers Arena Arena


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