madrid's outdoor bars & cafés

As the temperature rises, tables and chairs begin to spread out over almost every paved space available. After an exhausting day´s work in the heat of the city, relax in an outdoor café, or terraza, where you can chat quietly with friends, enjoy a meal or a drink, and listen to your favorite music. This is the essence of Madrid in summer, and its many outdoor bars offer something to satisfy all tastes. 

Pure glamour

Hotel Urban
Carrera de San Jerónimo, 34
(+34) 91 787 77 70
De: 10:00-04:00 h
Open from 10am to 4am
A new but unmissable addition, the terrace on the hotel’s top floor offers one of the best views of the Madrid skyline. The coolest of Madrid’s night-time venues, it specializes in cocktails, particularly with champagne. The ambient music leaves room for gentle conversation.

Castellana 8
Castellana, 8
(+34) 91 578 34 78
De: 21:00-24:00 h
Open from 9pm to 12pm
Representative of the terrazas set up along this important Madrid thoroughfare, it offers exquisite food accompanied by live music, all in an unmistakably New York-style setting. It specialises in cocktails. 

The most popular

The Terraces of MadridLa Buga del Lobo
Argumosa, 11
(+34) 91 467 61 51
Open from 12am to 2am
For the young and the cosmopolitan who enjoy a cultural melting pot but do not want to stray from the city centre there are the outdoor bars and cafés of the once traditional and now multicultural Lavapiés district. The calle Argumosa in particular becomes one long terraza during the summer months, providing a meeting place for the city’s more alternative inhabitants.

Casa Mingo
Paseo de la Florida, 34
(+34) 91 547 79 18
Autobuses / Bus: 41, 46, 75
De: 11:00-24:00 h
Open from 11am to 12pm
An appropriate description of this Asturian restaurant would be “popular”. Popular among its clientele and popular for the magnificent quality of its food. Tortilla de patCasatas, salads, chicken and, above all, Asturian cider brought straight from the principality itself.  

Artistic venues

The Terraces of MadridCafé de Oriente
Plaza de Oriente, 2
(+34) 91 547 15 64
Open from 8.30am to 2.30am
The most striking feature of this elegant and refined outdoor café is its location opposite the Royal Palace and behind the Teatro Real opera house. Its tables are usually filled with people from the showbusiness world who come here to relax once their performances have ended. Spectacular and refreshingly cool.

Thyssen Bornemisza Museum Terraza
Paseo del Prado, 8
(+34) 91 369 01 51
Highly valued by tourists who combine a visit to the museum with dinner or a relaxing drink. Eating in the shadow of the museum is a pleasant experience, an irresistible combination of gastronomy and art.

Fine Arts Circle
Alcalá, 42
(+34) 91 360 54 00
Open from 8am to 2am
The best outdoor café to have a chat, overlooking calle Alcalá and Gran Vía. An unpretentious classical setting in a unique building that is well worth a visit. Dinner guests will often find a writer, actor or a well-known figure from the artistic world dining at an adjoining table.

Terraza de El Espejo
Paseo de Recoletos, 33
(+34) 91 919 11 22
Open from 9am to 1.30am
One of the most traditional for people seeking somewhere that is quiet and cool and not too big. Its dining room is also magnificently decorated in a modernist-inspired style. 

The Terraces of Madrid 

 The Terraces of Madrid