Three of Madrid's business schools are among the 15 top business schools in the world

According to The Wall Street Journal, ESADE is the best business school in the world.

The quality of education and the wide range of training on offer are the main characteristics of the business schools in Madrid, which include some of the best educational centres in the world and masters' and postgraduate courses and specialist courses of all types for executives. In the league table prepared by The Wall Street Journal, ESADE was in first place, the Instituto de Empresa was in twelfth place and IESE was in fifteenth position.

The high level of training and specialisation of Madrid's workers is one of the capital's competitive advantages, and one of the reasons why Madrid features among the expansion plans of so many major companies. But it is not just the quality of the city's human capital which is so attractive, but also the possibility to continue improving and updating the knowledge of employees thanks to the wide range of training which exists in the city.

In addition to important universities and language schools, Madrid has a number of business schools, some of which are considered among the best in the world, which enable it to offer training and updating solutions for executives at different stages of their professional development. From the development of executive skills to the review of the latest business trends, by way of the specific needs of each area of management.

Recognised prestige

In 2006, The Wall Street Journal newspaper prepared its ranking of the 24 best international business schools, including schools from Europe and North and Central America, based on the replies of 4000 recruitment consultants who contract executives with MBAs. The results showed three of Madrid's business schools in the top 15 in the world. Esade has been among the top business schools in the ranking for the last three years, and this year took first place, replacing the Swiss company IMD; the Instituto de Empresa was ranked in twelfth place and IESE in fifteenth place.
In its 2007 league table of MBAs, the UK's Financial Times newspaper ranked MBAs from Instituto de Empresa, IESE and Esade in third, sixth and tenth places, respectively. In addition, the Instituto de Empresa's programme was in first place in Spain and in eleventh place worldwide.0

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