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“It is an international recognition of our hard and serious work”

This young chef is frequently compared to great gastronomic masters, thanks to his unique way with ingredients and his use of innovative culinary techniques which grant Madrid's gastronomic scene a new air. In 2008 he won the Best New Chef award at Madrid Fusión. A year earlier, aged just 27, he had already started to gain recognition following the inauguration of DiverXo. This restaurant had the longest waiting lists as soon as it opened its doors, and it earned a Michelin star only two years after its launch. 

Question- How do you feel about this Michelin star?

Answer- It is an international recognition of our hard and serious work.

Q- What is DiverXo's main contribution to Madrid's gastronomic scene?

A- I think it offers a very personal vision of an imagination-filled international cuisine.

Q- Spanish cuisine seems to be in fashion, why is that?

A- Because we have top class restaurants and chefs who are at the forefront of world gastronomy.

Q- Who would you give three stars to in Madrid?

A- Spamalot, the musical. In life it's so important to laugh and thanks to Monty Python and Tricicle's work and production, Madrid is currently a comedy lover's paradise.

Q- What would you fuse with a Madrid-style stew?

A- Chinese dumplings!