Places of Worship

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Spain is a secular state. Although most of the population is Catholic, there are a number of other important religious minorities (including Protestants, Muslims and Orthodox). In the list below you should be able to find a place of worship that matches your belief system so you can practice your faith during your stay in Madrid (classification used by the Religious Pluralism Observatory in Spain).

- Foreign language religious services (click on links for days and times):

  • In English:

             - Catholic: Our Lady of Mercy Parish (Parish of San Dámaso) and Parish of Santa María la Blanca de

             - Anglican: St. George's Anglican Church

             - Interdenominational: The Community Church of Madrid  

  • In French

             - Catholic: San Luis de los Franceses

  • In Italian:

              - Catholic: Parish of San Nicolás de los Servitas

  • In German:

              - Catholic: Parish of Santa María (Katholischen Gemeinde Deutscher Sprache)

              - Evangelical Lutheran: German speaking Evangelical Church

  • In Chinese:

             - Catholic: Parish of Santa Rita and Parish of Cristo Rey in Usera

  • In Russian:

             - Orthodox:  Russian Orthodox Church (Parish of Santa María Magdalena)

  • In Basque:

             - Catholic: Chapel of San Ignacio de los Vascos

- Services in Spanish:

- Religious services at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport:

Madrid´s airport has three Catholic chapels, two mosques and two prayer rooms / multi-faith rooms. Their opening days and times are available on this website.

- Religious services for the disabled:

  • Deaf and deaf-blind persons:

              - Catholic: Parish of Santa María del Silencio (Madrid Pastoral for the Deaf) 

 - Further information (in Spanish):


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