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Masaveu Collection. From the Romanesque Period to the Age of Enlightenment. Image and Material

The treasures of the Masaveu Collection on display.

CentroCentro is proud to present one of the most important, valuable collections in Spain, with an exhibition featuring a total of 64 pieces including works by Greco, Bosch, Murillo, Zurbarán and Alonso Cano, among others.

This show is part of an exhibition series entitled 'Patronage at the service of art' at CentroCentro, which started off with 'The Legacy of the House of Alba' and continued with the Helga de Alvear Collection. Now it brings us the Massaveu Collection, one of the most important private collections in Spain.

This exhibition is a unique opportunity to see masterpieces from the Masaveu Collection, a total of 64 paintings and sculptures representing art from the 13th and 19th centuries: the Romanesque era to the Enlightenment. Most of the works included in the show are religious in nature, due to the ideological and cultural context in which they were produced.

Pieces by anonymous medieval artists will share the space with works by Baroque masters such as Murillo, Zurbarán and Alonso Cano. There will also be works by Bosch and Greco, as well as Flemish and Italian painters such as Joos van Cleve el Viejo o Matthis Gerung. Ángel Aterido, curator of the exhibition, has divided them into three chronological sections: 'Of Wood and Gold', 'From the Gothic to the Renaissance' and 'The Triumph of Canvas'.

The Masaveu Collection dates back to the mid-19th century, when Elías Masaveu Rivell - the son of Pedro Masaveu Rovira, the founder of a major business dynasty - opened an art gallery in Oviedo, initiating the family's connection with art. Later, Pedro Masaveu Masaveu started collecting and in the 20th century his son, Pedro Masaveu Peterson, created his own collection.


Curated by:: Ángel Aterido

El Expolio de Cristo. El Greco, Domenicos Theotocópuli (Candía, 1541-Toledo, 1614). Propiedad: Colección Masaveu. Copyright de la reproducción: Fundación María Cristina  Masaveu, 2013. Autor de la fotografía: Marcos Morilla.

  • Starting: 29/11/2013
  • Ending: 25/05/2014
  • Where: CentroCentro
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  • Times: To be determined
  • Price: €6 €4 reduced
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