Madrid, a Beacon of Tolerance and Diversity

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Madrid has become a very popular tourist destination with gay people from all over the world. The reasons are clear enough: the capital of Spain isn’t just a tourist destination; it’s a fun, kind and tolerant city that has lots of things for the LGBT community.

Spain is among the world’s most progressive countries as to protection of homosexual rights. This, together with all the attractions Madrid has to offer, turns the city into a place where everybody feels at home. Gay tourists will find themselves really comfortable in Chueca, a rehabilitated traditional neighbourhood that has become an icon of all that’s modern, a trendsetter, a hub of fashion and design, and a good place to party and eat out in Madrid.

Old and new residents, plus visitors that come by the thousands every day, live together in perfect harmony. Chueca is a great cultural, leisure and shopping destination, especially along Fuencarral and Hortaleza streets.

Besides the neighbourhood’s development and broad leisure offerings, Chueca runs what many consider ‘the liveliest Gay Pride Parade around the world.’ In fact, Madrid has twice received the award from MTV’s Logo network for world’s best gay party, in 2009 and 2010. Besides, the city has been chosen to host World Pride International celebrations in 2017. Coinciding with the Parade, the Pride Festival goes on for an entire week. The festive atmosphere extends well beyond Chueca, as Madrid as a whole becomes a stage for fluttering rainbow flags and people come from all over the world, ready for party time. The whole city joins in during the week to cut loose and have fun.

Certainly, there’s more to Madrid than just Chueca and there’s more to Chueca than party going. There are great art museums, the most delicious and innovative cuisine, deep-blue skies all year round, peace and quiet, the shade of leafy trees in numerous urban parks, streets flanked by fashion stores and old bookstores, activities for children, major sporting events… In sum, Madrid has it all – for all.


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