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Arte granda

Type: Shopping

Description: Granda is one of the major manufacturers and exporters to all corners of the world for religious art. It started out in 1891, training artisans in this field. In their corner on Calle Mayor, featuring over 400 square metres, they display all sorts of items devoted to Catholic worship, ranging from valuable pieces of metalwork and statuary to liturgical furnishings, cribs and other Christmas motifs, etc.

Their impressive workshop is located in Alcalá de Henares, where over 100 artisans work in order to created thousands of sacred references. They also have offices on the other side of the Atlantic, and they collaborate with different public administrations for the preservation and restoration of the Historical and Artistic Heritage with a team of specialists, historians, chemists and architects.

Their spectacular facilities and unbeatable logistics are also available for individuals –parishes, brotherhoods, oratories, convents, etc.- and they restore sculptures in wood, stone and metal, as well as paintings and murals, altarpieces, metalwork, stone, garments and fabrics, etc.

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  • Address: Calle Coloreros , 2
  • Postecode: 28013
  • District: Centro
  • Neighbourhood: Sol
  • Telephone numbers: (+34) 91 364 27 37
  • Fax: (+34) 91 365 94 52
  • Metro: vodafone-Sol (L1, L2, L3)
  • Buses: 3
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